The right home insurance in Cyprus

To protect your home, you can select one of the following programs and your insurance company will cover all the costs incurring from insured events. You can even change your door lock if some of your family members has lost his keys.

Home Flexible covers expenses arisen from fire, short circuit, smoke, lightning, bush fire, boiler or gas explosion, and other perils. It’s a good plan to start with.


Home Basic offers protection against loss occurring from fire effects. In addition, the following perils are covered by the company: earthquake, storm, impact, bursting of pipes, strikes, malicious damages, escape of oil, burglary, etc.


Home Plus policy includes all the benefits of the Home Basic plan, and also protects you against inflation, loss of rent, and covers your liability as owner or tenant.


Home Superior is designed for those who want to buy a strong shield for their home and keep everything safe no matter what: theft, falling trees, breakage of glass, accidental damage to cables or other things. With this policy, you can enjoy all the benefits of home assistant and our loyalty discount.


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Table of Benefits Flexible Basic Plus Superior
Fire due to short circuit
Damage dir to fire fighting
Bush fire
Boiler/gas explosion
Earhtquake optional
Storm and tempest optional
Flood optional
Collision by aircraft, vehicles, animals  
Strikes, riots, civil commotion, political or labor disturbances  
Malicious damage  
Escape of water/oil  
Burglary optional optional
Removal of debris  
Consulting engineers and architectors  
Solar heater cover  
Inflation protection    
Loss of rent    
Alternative accommodation expenses    
Liability as owner/rental (not available when rented for tourist purposes)    
Indemnity on the replacement of the sum insured    
Automatic reinstatement of the sum insured      
Falling trees      
Breakage of glass/mirrors      
Accidental damage to cables/underground services      
Replacement of door locks      
Accidental death benefit (for individuals only)      
Credit Cards (for individuals only)      
Luggage (for individuals only)      
Personal Liability      
Loyalty discount
Home assistance      


The extent and kind of coverage you choose impacts on the price of your policy. Building materials, age and location of your home may also be a factor.


Apply for deductibles and reduce the price of your home insurance. The deductible (or excess) is the amount paid by the policy holder upon the occurrence of an insured event. For example, if you spend €1,000 to get your home repaired after escape of water, with an excess equal to €300, a claim payment will be €1,000 – €300 = €700.


To purchase home insurance, you provide us with your passport or ID and property ownership agreement (if any).


In the cost calculation form on top of this web page, enter your name and phone number. Select the premises you want to insure (House, Apartment, Building, Mortgage) and choose key perils. After you have submitted your request, we will contact you during our normal business hours from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.


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