How insurance can help run your business in Cyprus

Following European standards, Cyprus authorities has enforced the Law on Compulsory Employers’ Liability Insurance of 1997 establishing as a mandatory requirement for every employer to have employer’s liability insurance. Learn what is covered by the policy, and calculate the cost.

The cost of a policy depends on your company’s line of business, number of employees and the size of their salaries.


To issue the Employer Liability insurance, you provide us with the following details:
1. Company full name
2. Company registration number
3. Company legal address
4. Company activity
5. Number of employees
6. Job duties of each employee
7. Total annual salary


Current Limits of liability, as defined by the Law on Compulsory Employers’ Liability Insurance of 1997 are:

  • For each employee €160,000
  • For each occurrence €3,415,000
  • For each period of insurance €5,125,000


Everybody knows that employees are grateful for the care and attention shown by the company’s administration. At the same time, the company is granted tax benefits effective throughout the insurance period.


The cost of a Group Health insurance is affected by the insurance plan selected by you (Doctor’s Visit, Hospitalization, Accident), chosen amount payable by the insurance company to compensate for employee treatment and recovery.


The amount of claim payments to compensate for employee treatment, and post-disease or post-injury recovery is directly proportional to the size of an insurance premium your company pays for the policies.


For more information, go to the Health link on our website. Request a back call or submit an online request to calculate the cost of your policy. Our agents will select the most attractive offer for you.


In the cost calculation form on top of this web page, enter your name, phone number and company’s name. Select your cover (Employer’s Liability, Foreign Employee, Group Health) and choose the type of company’s activity. After you have submitted your request, we will contact you during our normal business hours from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.


You can select one of the following payment methods: cash, cheque, recurrent payment, card.


An insurance premium may be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.


Why Group Medical

  • Tax deduction
    for the whole sum

  • Tax benefits
    for the whole sum

  • Non-VATable
    all insurance activities

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